What is Springbolt?

What is Springbolt?

You have lots of sales data but struggle to make sense of it. Your sales managers find it just too difficult to create meaningful sales reports and resort to 'gut feeling' analyses and 'collective guesswork' to make sales decisions Springbolt’s business intelligence software can help your compan...

EPOS analytics

Advanced EPOS sales reporting

Fast reports engine / data warehousing For real time detailed reports Springbolt's Business Intelligence reports rely on fast access to your data via a highly structured data warehousing service. Once your data is collected from source it is automatically aggregated, indexed and optimized. The d...

Export to Excel .csv

Export to Excel .csv

You might want to export your report to Excel for local storage or because you have thought of some other nifty way to juggle with your reported data. Springbolt Business Intelligence provides you with an export to .csv facility found within the 'Tabular List' view of your reports. Click on the E...

Case study: Second Nature Greeting Card B2B shop front

Jan 29th

SecondNaturegrid01.jpg Second Nature has launched an integrated B2B shop front to complement its Greeting Card publishing business using Springbolt's online catalogue and e-commerce modules.

The password protected online catalogue (users must register before being given access to the site) will extend Second Nature's sales distribution into the online arena.

The online store features a controversially simple product browsing interface that enables even first time visitors to the site to quickly browse through thousands of product SKUs and arrive at their desired product in seconds.

The site is aimed at both domestic and export customers and makes light work of re-orders, order tracking and product launches which can now be presented with immediate effect.

register01.jpgSecond Nature hopes to extend the online service to offer an 'oh-so-simple' Customer Care area which allows the end user to browse through previously placed order items and be given suggestions of top selling items to complement their product offering profile. It is said this would be much like how Amazon suggests books you may like to read based on your previous purchases.

The same can be said of its intention to re-shape its' rep force to adopt the technology in a customer facing capacity. It is believed this will be a great advantage to both customer and rep by having instant recall of order history. The facility will also offer intuitive product searches something which can only be made possible by the use of Springbolt's advanced technology.

Second Nature is intent in leading the way in the Gift & Greeting Card market using the latest in online technologies and streamline the business towards its' vision of the way export and product distribution will work in future.