Springbolt appears in Progressive Greetings magazine Top Story

Nov 7th

One of our key interests within the retail sector is the Gift and Greeting Card space where few publishers and supplies have yet been able to benefit from the kind of business intelligence offered by Springbolt's Analytics on demand platform.

We are very excited to be featured in this month's Progressive Greetings Worldwide, the Greeting Card industry's leading magazine - article and mug shot as follows:

Springbolt from Blue

New Service makes sense of sales stats In this technology advanced age, with the help of EPOS, capturing information as to what cards have been sold when and where is not as difficult as it once was. However, turning this data into easily understandable and useful information without spending hours on the task has been something of a bugbear of card publishers.

After working on the software for three years, London software company Default has developed Springbolt, an online facility that can turn reams and reams of raw EPOS data into incisive sales reports (and easy to understand graphs and tables) for card publishers in seconds.

While not quite born into the card trade, Guy Schragger, managing director of Default has more than a passing understanding of the industry and importance of easy to use sales information as his father, mother and uncle are all directors of Second Nature greeting card company.

Through Springbolt, Default has created a web-based platform that means that publishers can access their sales data of specific customers from a computer anywhere in the world by logging onto the system. "Clinton Cards, for example, supplies publishers with the raw EPOS data for their sales, but few publishers would be able to generate reports in an easy to read format, such as the sales patterns of a particular range (or even individual design) in, say the top 25 shops at the touch of a button.

It is in everyone's interest - the publisher's, the retailer's and the consumer's - the cards are in the shops that people want to buy!" says Guy. "Springbolt's reports help to manage a publisher's inventory within a specific chain or store and check all the weaker sellers."

So confident is Guy about Springbolt is that it is being offered to publishers on a monthly subscription basis with no minimum sign up. The costs vary from £360 to £5,600 a month dependent on the level of reporting required.

Default has developed a similar system for Boomkat, a transactional website which has 35,000 SKUs and 45 million hits a month."