Springbolt Business Intelligence is an online CRM solution that exposes the factors that govern your company's potential for sales growth.

Jan 23rd

Springbolt Business Intelligence is different from other CRM solutions because it presumes that all data, if aligned correctly with your sales performance data, can be used to gain deeper insights into the disparate factors that affect your sales potential.

Gain business intelligence with a click of a button: Springbolt's interactive reports give you a comprehensive view of everything you need to know about your sales. There are three interchangeable viewing modes to suit all of your data hungry needs. This data, which may consist of advertising campaigns, press releases, weather reports, the timing of national holidays, sporting events, natural catastrophes and even other less newsworthy events, where possible, can be harnessed and aligned with your own business data to derive a broader understanding of your business within the context of your product's marketplace where wider more disparate factors may influence your business potential. By having a business intelligence tool that indexes and analyses these factors, your company is in a position to 'see the bigger picture' as well as understand how it influences the micro dynamics within your supply chain. Springbolt Business Intelligence informs everyday decisions via a simple online CRM web interface. Another point of difference Springbolt Business Intelligence succeeds at is its' sheer, unobtrusive usability. A tenet within Springbolt's manifesto is to make its' CRM software incredibly easy to use, so much so that you will take its power and sophistication for granted in the same way that super cars aren't more difficult to drive compared with their regular counterparts. Why is simplicity so integral to Springbolt Business Intelligence? Because to gain new business intelligence as a result of data analysis and the exposure to incisive business reports is only achieved if it is made easy enough for anyone to do it by themselves. This means not having to ever have to call for support or specialist IT services, period! So many CRM solutions are acquired by businesses that have bought into the software's promise that to produce the reports, metrics and complex analyses they claim to support is a straightforward task that anyone can do. Where most business intelligence software fails is at the point it becomes a struggle for most people in your organisation to use.

In most cases it is just too difficult for a sales manager to produce reports about their product sales without prior knowledge of pivot tables, tabbed records and graphing or visualization techniques. Springbolt business intelligence assumes no prior knowledge of any such or similarly related skills with the intent of letting sales people, marketing personnel and product developers (to name but a few departments who benefit from incisive product analyses) to access and create reports relevant to them with unsurpassed ease. It is this ease of use that defines how often and ultimately how useful these business intelligence tools become to the people to whom it matters most. The result of facilitating regular and unimpeded exposure to key analytical sales data will result in a greater, holistic pool of business intelligence to become available to all key personnel within your organisation. Once a cohesive business intelligence framework is fully exploited within the company, the improvements to the product quality and efficiencies introduced into the supply chain will become an inevitable consequence.