Advanced EPOS sales reporting

Fast reports engine / data warehousing

For real time detailed reports Springbolt's Business Intelligence reports rely on fast access to your data via a highly structured data warehousing service. Once your data is collected from source it is automatically aggregated, indexed and optimized. The data is then structured and stored in a way that can be retrieved quickly and accurately on demand.

Flexible date range reporting

Springbolt business intelligence tools allow you to specify the date range to report on by choosing a start and end date. You can then decide whether to view the data in daily, weekly, monthly or yearly chunks. The coarseness of the reporting grain is completely controlled by you.

Real time filters

When viewing a report you may choose to change your data perspectives by regrouping your data set in other logical groups. For instance, you have created a report on 100 products and you may wish to group them by Range groupings, genre categories or price point groups. Springbolt Business Intelligence gives you the tools to filter your data by specifying how you want to view it. The data transformations are processed in real time for immediate feedback without leaving the data view you are in.

Interactive drill downs

All reports allow the user to drill down further if required on any 'report object' by simply clicking on the object you wish to view. For example, having reported on a list of product Ranges, you may wish to drill down on a specific 'Product-Range' to report on its' respective products within the collection. The action of drilling down on the Range name narrows the reporting scope to the specific products within the range and reports respectively on their collective performance.

Real world event tracking

Springbolt Business Intelligence is prebuilt with its own event calendar. All calendar events flagged to be reported on are cross-referenced in the reports timeline. This allows you to converge your calendar's event data with your sales data to derive an event based understanding of the real world events influencing you sales performance. E.g. how do your advertising campaigns, press releases, local weather trends, TV sporting events and other such real world factors influence your sales? Using real world event tracking you can begin to piece together those disparate factors you may have normally overlooked.