What is Springbolt?

You have lots of sales data but struggle to make sense of it. Your sales managers find it just too difficult to create meaningful sales reports and resort to 'gut feeling' analyses and 'collective guesswork' to make sales decisions Springbolt’s business intelligence software can help your company gain a more comprehensive view of the shifting trends affecting your sales potential via easy to understand dashboard metrics and incisive business analyses.

Springbolt Business Intelligence will also publish your product catalogue online, help you sell your wares, control your warehouse stocks, keep your customers happy and much, much more. Using Springbolt’s integrated business intelligence CRM software you can report on your company’s sales performance and produce deep analytical snapshots of your customer’s sales trends in seconds.

Springbolt’s business intelligence software comprises an integrated CRM software solution that combines e-commerce, ERP with your Point of Sale data (EPOS) using a powerful online CRM solution for reporting and analytics. All features are delivered through a single on demand online CRM framework that converges these business activities through a simple web interface. Springbolt Business Intelligence makes it easy to diagnose sales performance and spot consumer trends, giving you new business insights and equipping your company with the tools your managers need to make better, more informed business decisions.